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Pop the champagne: This year Candid’s grants data set turns 21!

Learn about Candid’s grants data set and how it’s evolved over the past 21 years to reflect the needs of the social sector.

By Anna Koob (she/her) and Cathleen Clerkin (she/her)

July 27, 2023

5 things to know about philanthropy to HBCUs

Discover five key insights about funding disparities in philanthropy to HBCUs based on Candid and ABFE’s new research report.

By Adia Colar (she/her) and Grace Sato (she/her)

May 9, 2023

Is it a movement or a moment?

This blog explores what a social movement is and is not, as well as discusses how successful movements can be built and sustained to stand the test of time.

By Emily Bell Tyree (she/her)

March 6, 2023

The story behind National Philanthropy Day

Most fundraisers and many other staff and volunteers in the nonprofit sector know about National Philanthropy Day (NPD) and enthusiastically embrace it. More than 130 Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) chapters celebrate the observance all across the United States and…

By Jim Eskin (he/him)

November 9, 2021

Tags: Nonprofits; US; History;

Seven books to read to become a better fundraiser

Rallying donations for a cause close to your heart can be a noble and enriching experience, but that doesn’t make it easy. From gaining the attention of new individual donors to encouraging supporters to engage in your campaigns, there are…

By Lauren Groff (she/her)

June 17, 2021

Nonprofit, foundation, NGO: What do they mean?

It can be hard to navigate the nonprofit world—so many terms are used to define mission-driven organizations working for community good. Let’s define nonprofit, foundation, and NGO and share a bit about what various organizations in the nonprofit world do. What is a…

By Katie Farnan (she/her)

April 1, 2021

Tags: Nonprofits; US; History;

How nonprofits can act now to lock in historic energy bill savings

Amongst all the economic data we’ve been bombarded with during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, there’s a data point that stands out due to its seemingly impossible mathematics: oil prices have gone negative, along with energy bill prices. For a brief…

By Heather Takle (she/her)

May 28, 2020

Where Can I Find a Nonprofit’s Form 1023?

Lately, I've been getting a lot of Ask Us visitors who want to see a specific nonprofit's Form 1023, also known as its exemption application. This question usually comes from would-be nonprofits that want to refer to Form 1023 samples…

By Sandy Pon (she/her)

March 6, 2015

What Can I Do If a Nonprofit Isn’t Following Its Bylaws?

This is another question that visitors often have for our Ask Us team. Curiously, I've had a hard time finding a succinct answer to this seemingly simple question. Corporate attorney Paul Davis Fancher of Troutman Sanders presented a free webcast…

By Sandy Pon (she/her)

December 9, 2014