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By Gabe Cohen
September 9, 2020

Questions in black type on a yellow background. The only complete question visible is Who benefits?

When COVID-19 reached the pandemic stage, questions started coming into Candid at a pace we had never seen before. At their peak, inquiries to our online librarians increased 390 percent. “Where can my organization find funding to help us meet skyrocketing demand?” “I was just laid off because of COVID shutdowns. Is there someplace I can get help paying my bills?” 

Then, in late May, the focus of the questions changed: “What is being done about racial justice?” “Why isn’t more being done?” “What is working?” 

And questions about U.S. democracy are evergreen. 

So we turned to our data for answers—about COVID, racial equity, democracy, and more—always focusing on what we can do to help you move forward. To paraphrase our mission, we sought answers that would help you do good. 

We’ve created a place where you can see some of these questions and answers. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find—click through to find the answers:

We know you have many more questions. We want to hear them.

What do you want to know? How can our data and experience help you do good? Drop your questions in the comments section below or through social media using the hashtag #WeHaveSomeQuestions. We’ll be adding new blog posts monthly to answer your questions.

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