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Explore funding for U.S. democracy with our free data tool

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As this year’s mid-term elections come to a close, people continue to have questions about the social sector’s efforts to strengthen the U.S. democracy. You may be curious about which nonprofits are working on what initiatives, like voting access or rights, and who the funders are that support this work, along with civic participation, media access, or other democracy-related activities in the U.S. 

That’s where Candid can help. Our Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy website is a great resource to help you get started. The website is a publicly available, interactive resource that showcases how funding flows for U.S. democracy-related issues from 2011 onward. The data visualization tool, which consists of a map, charts, and lists, documents foundation support across several key areas including:  

  • campaign and election processes 
  • governing institutions and processes 
  • information and media 
  • public engagement and voting  

The tool aims to help nonprofits identify funding sources, understand funders’ priorities, and facilitate effective collaborations, with the goal of greater transparency to advance the health of the U.S. democracy. It is also designed to foster collaboration among funders, help new and prospective funders understand how they can contribute to democracy-related issues, and enable funders to be more strategic in their decision making. 

We have created three short video tours of the website, so that you can get the information you need to support your work. 

Watch this quick video for a broad overview of how to use the democracy site. 

If you’re a funder, check out our video on how you can use the website to identify potential grantees and see which nonprofits your peers are funding and supporting. 

Nonprofits looking for potential funding sources can get started with our short video on how to identify potential U.S. democracy funder partners by subject area or location. 

To explore Candid’s Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy website and get started using our free data tools, please visit  


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