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It’s been a year: Candid’s 2019 annual report

tablet with Candid's first annual report

It’s been a year. Technically, it’s been 431 days since we officially became Candid. And it’s really been quite a year. In this annual report, we wanted to show you what made this first year at Candid special, challenging, and everything in between.

We’re proud to share with you:

  • Learning from our special projects and programming
  • The minutia of integrating two data-heavy organizations
  • Insights into our fundraising
  • The launch day flub
  • … and more

Read the annual report

As with other aspects of our work, we adjusted our plan for this annual report in light of the current pandemic. We decided not to distribute paper copies this year. We also kept it simple so that you can easily flip through it on your mobile phone while doing inevitable work from home multi-tasking. It’s styled like a newspaper, with bite-sized content for you to pick and choose from. Yes, there’s even a crossword puzzle.

It’s been a year. And you have been a big part of it. Thank you for your feedback—both validating and constructive—as we’ve iterated and grown together.

We invite you to join us for a conversation about what’s ahead on June 3. Learn more and register today.


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  • suzanne says:

    April 16, 2020 10:09 am

    Hi, Andrew,

    GuideStar USA and GuideStar International were separate entities, although Buzz Schmidt founded both organizations. He left GuideStar USA's board of directors to lead GuideStar International. GuideStar USA sometimes worked in partnership with GuideStar International, but they had not collaborated in the years leading up to GuideStar's joining forces with Foundation Center. So the technical answer to your question is "not at all." BUT GuideStar was active with the BRIDGE project to create a global registry of social service agencies and programs. (Foundation Center also participated in BRIDGE.) AND:

    Foundation Center was already working globally in several areas, and Candid is carrying on that work. And, yes, finding solutions that respect regional and national systems and values is a challenge!


    Suzanne Coffman
    Editorial Director, Candid

  • Andrew Rowan says:

    April 16, 2020 9:10 am

    I am curious - how does the combination affect the international Guidestar activities. I was the CEO of an international NGO for twenty years and discovered that there really are no countries in which establishing a new affiliate is easy or simple. Just getting the employee systems to work is a major(!) challenge.