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Candid’s next generation platform

A Candid staff member listening to a session at Candid's all-staff retreat.

There are two sides of the social sector—nonprofit organizations with missions to deliver services and support to communities, and funders including individuals, foundations, and government organizations providing financial fuel to support nonprofits. Historically, the challenge has been for each “side” to have trusted information, insight, history, and human connections to match mission delivery to mission funding. Candid envisions a single destination to distribute data and insights, providing a comprehensive view of the social sector using the data we collect and analyze.  


Through our next generation platform, we are integrating machine learning, personalized user experience, advanced visualizations, and AI-driven tools and recommendations to create, synthesize, and share the insights that answer key questions about the social sector. We deliver tools that connect funders and nonprofits alongside grant funding insights and analysis. We bring together multiple sources of organizational data and make that aggregated information available for users to create custom summary pages organized by cause, geography, or other interests. These pages are presented using data visualization, maps, and can even surface relevant documents, research, and news articles. The organized information the platform delivers informs decisions and deepens understanding to create connections across the social sector. 

Candid’s distinct advantage 

What sets Candid apart from other providers of publicly available information about social sector institutions is the experience and rigor we apply to collecting and enhancing that information. Enhancements elevate the level of information by making it more current, more descriptive, and more inclusive. For example, Candid uses artificial intelligence to add categories and labels (taxonomy) to organizational data; we refine and clarify postal addresses and add geo-location information; and we enable organizations to contribute and update data in their profiles. These improvements provide an unprecedented level of insight and discoverability to organizations and grants. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit itself, Candid has supported the social sector for more than 80 years and works to create a sustainable public good that supports success for the entire sector. We have the staff expertise, organizational capacity, and leadership to provide unparalleled resources and services.  

Public data alone is not enough, which is why our current and future products include the largest collection of contributed data directly from nonprofits and foundations available. Contributed data allows organizations to fully inform the world about their mission-critical work in a timelier way. This is not possible with governmental forms alone. In 2023, Candid elevated its commitment to this data collection. Within the past two years, nearly 100,000 nonprofits have claimed their Candid profiles and updated them with contributed data to earn a Seal of Transparency. Thanks to improved operations and incentives, we anticipate more nonprofits claiming and updating their Candid profiles this year.  

The road ahead 

Last year, we did a phased release of new products and features to alpha testers who helped us make refinements to the early-stage platform. We’re excited to share that, starting this year, features of Candid’s next generation platform will be publicly available. We have unified our backend systems and data for both foundations and nonprofits. This data is fully searchable—including by criteria such a board and staff demographics—and can be accessed in our updated, accessible, and easy-to-use platform. In the coming months, Candid will add grants data, advanced visualization, trend analysis and data comparison tools to make it easier for our users to gain meaningful insights. 

As we begin to publicly release these features and enhancements, our current subscribers will experience a modern interface that moves beyond searching for data to delivering answers using artificial intelligence and data science. We are also testing the ability to facilitate intelligent funding connections, generate first drafts of grant proposals, and make it easier to attract donors. These will be more personalized, reliable, comprehensive, current, and useful than ever before. One of our goals is to lower the financial and experience barriers that small nonprofits often encounter when trying to raise money, connect to resources, or tell their story. Finding, reviewing, and organizational profiles through the Candid platform is free, and we are committed to keeping access to the best fundraising tools affordable for all.   

Feedback from users like you will help us shape Candid’s next generation of tools. To see the new platform emerging, visit and login with your existing credentials for GuideStar or Foundation Directory or register as a new user. Through the beta site, you can explore funder and nonprofit profiles and receive updates as we release new features. We appreciate your insights and feedback to create the ultimate hub of data, information, and knowledge for the social sector. 


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  • Amasio Rose says:

    March 29, 2024 7:21 am

    Am really so impressed with the work done in this project reaching people in different places am a lady from Uganda interested to be part of group but am still in the beginning level reaching poor kids with some assistance for their school needs though still in achallaging way I know God will uplift my project I register it then be part of but really happy that I can get knowledge to help me may God help everyone here educating us be blessed

  • Elizabeth Killough says:

    March 28, 2024 11:20 am

    I hope that Candid will add true transparency to the "Seals of Transparency" by requiring all holders of endowments to reveal those holdings on their 990s in order to achieve your highest seal. A nonprofit can currently achieve the highest rating on GuideStar while having all of its endowment invested in ways that work against that nonprofit's very mission: like an environmental nonprofit having its endowment in oil and coal. Here's our 3-min. film on this issue: Thank you for asking for feedback!

  • Ralph Ujano says:

    March 28, 2024 10:17 am

    Creating an ecosystem for increased transparency and operational efficiency across nonprofits, funders, and the public is fantastic! Much appreciated!!

  • Mike Franceus says:

    March 28, 2024 9:45 am

    This is exciting news!
    As a new nonprofit working to provide scholarships for aspiring female pilots throughout the United States, this new platform will help me to find the funds I need to make a difference in the lives of women wishing to pursue their dreams in aviation.
    Thank you, Candid!
    Mike Franceus - Founder/Chairman
    The Debbie Franceus Memorial Aviation Foundation

  • Debbie Mason, CFRE, APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA says:

    March 28, 2024 9:34 am

    Thanks for asking for feedback! I love how clean and easy it is to see the people and financials from the 990s. I couldn't figure out how to take a deeper dive by downloading the actual 990. I often review those to see compensation and other variables of revenue and expenses as part of my analysis of organizations. Please continue to offer that feature to review multiple years of 990s.