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Top 10 blogs of 2021

As COVID-19 continued to dominate world headlines in 2021, Candid’s blog readers looked to us for guidance on fundraising in a largely digital world, along with related news and trends in the social sector. Here we share the most-read blogs of 2021, in descending order, with readers gravitating toward fundraising tips and best practices.  

10. Top fundraising trends to capitalize on in 2021
By Scot Chisholm, January 4, 2021 

9. Volunteer recognition during COVID-19: top ideas and tips
By Allen Kramer, September 17, 2020 

8. Fundraising will only be inclusive when we acknowledge the legacy of giving in communities of color
By Samra Ghermay, January 26, 2021 

7. Nonprofit jobs still down by nearly 960,000 as of January, time to full recovery increases to 2 years
By Chelsea Newhouse, February 16, 2021 

6. What do funders look for in grant proposal budgets?
By Tracy Kaufman, May 18, 2021 

5. Five ways to promote ethics in your organization
By Larry Checco, August 24, 2020 

4. Nonprofits and the American Rescue Plan Act
By National Council of Nonprofits, March 15, 2021 

3. How nonprofits can build partnerships with businesses
By Latasha Doyle, August 19, 2020 

2. What we know about the nonprofits that received grants from MacKenzie Scott
By Jacob Harold, January 14, 2021 

And, the most-read blog of 2021 was: 

1. Five steps to starting an endowment: even smaller nonprofits can
By Scott E. Stewart, March 2, 2020 

As we wind down the year and look to 2022, all of us at Candid wish you a happy, healthy holiday season. Thank you for your work to create a stronger, more impactful social sector and reading blogs of 2021.  


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