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It’s easier than ever to earn a Seal of Transparency

2021 Seals of Transparency circling above a person using a laptop computer

As we looked at the Seals of Transparency on GuideStar and considered improvements we could make for 2021, one thought came back over and over again—“2020 was a tough year. We all need 2021 to be simpler and easier!” So this year, we’ve updated requirements for earning each Seal so that they can be achieved by organizations ranging from the smallest—such as all-volunteer, community-based organizations—to the largest (of whom transparency is expected).

We’ve also focused on information that helps nonprofits make the case for funding. We prioritized information about programs and demographic information about the organization’s leader.

Earning a Seal is easier than ever, which makes it simpler than ever to show funders and donors you’re a good fit for their dollars.

How to earn a 2021 Seal

If your organization has an older Seal

  1. Sign in to manage your profile and review all required fields.
  2. Update or add information as necessary.
  3. Publish your changes.

Note: Your Seal will expire automatically after two years if you do not update your information.

If your organization does not have a Seal

Claim and update your nonprofit profile on GuideStar. If you need assistance, please visit our Help Center.

2021 Seal requirements


  • Basic information—so your organization can be found
  • New! Only 4 key pieces of information are now required:
    • Contact info
    • Donation info
    • Mission
    • Leader info
  • New! In sharing your mission, you’ll tag the issues you work on and the populations you serve. Tagging will help potential donors find your organization. It will also help Candid connect data across grants and organizations that give and receive them.


  • Programs—a chance to share programs and to build your brand
  • New! Only 2 key elements are required:
    • Program (at least 1): name, brief description, geographic area served
    • Brand: logo, tagline, website, and social media names/handles—so donors can see your nonprofit’s latest activity


  • Capabilities—share financials and people info that funders seek
  • New! 2 key elements are required:
    • Recent year financials
    • People: board chair name and leader demographics
  • New! Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by sharing demographic information about your leader


  • Impact—share goals and the difference you’re making
  • New! 2 key elements are required:
    • Strategy & goals: upload strategic plan or briefly answer 2 questions
    • Metrics: share at least 1 from 2020
  • New! Now you have the option to upload your strategic plan to showcase your organization’s goals

Want to learn more? Attend our free webinar

Join us on February 10, 2021, for “New year, new Seals! Boost your fundraising by earning a 2021 Seal of Transparency.” In 30 mins you’ll walk away with the key information you need to earn your 2021 Seal.

Register for the webinar.

BTW, if you can’t make the webinar, register anyway, and we’ll send you the full recording so you can watch it in your own time.


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