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Grow your network to win funding faster

  • August 31, 2021

Experienced fundraisers know networking is a key step to connecting with decision makers who are essential to your fundraising success. Foundation Directory Onlines Who’s Who section on grantmaker profiles makes it easy to grow your network with connections just a click away. 

Leverage Foundation Directory Onlines LinkedIn integration to quickly see how you are connected to key decision makers. Find out who in your network can help you make that important first introduction to grow your relationships with prospective funders. 

Grow your network with FDO's who's who section shown here

The Who’s Who section on a grantmaker’s profile gives you a list of staff and affiliations within this organization. Navigate to the Who’s Who section of the grantmaker’s profile to see if you are already connected through LinkedIn – indicated with a blue LinkedIn icon next to the person’s name.

Foundation Directory’s built-in LinkedIn integration allows you to see who can help you make a connection. Learn the names of people and companies that serve as board members, trustees, and donors, so you can plan and build the relationships that will be most useful for your organization.

Propel your fundraising journey forward. Amplify your prospecting strategy and network your way to fundraising success with Foundation Directory Online. 


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