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Candid community: Expanding equitable access to nonprofit resources 

Candid community site visit at the Enoch Pratt library.

At Candid, we partner with libraries and nonprofit resource centers across the country to provide nonprofit organizations and local communities with free access to Candid’s educational resources, trainings, and products. As part of an effort to expand equitable access to our resources, we have lowered barriers so more organizations and locations can join our network of partners. We now offer complimentary access to Candid services and tools, including GuideStar and Foundation Directory, at 1,250 Candid community locations.

Providing access to Candid’s resources at no cost

Since 1959, we have been committed to ensuring that our resources are accessible to nonprofits and individuals who benefit from or support nonprofits’ work. Our network of partners includes public libraries, university and community college libraries, public charities, and nonprofit resource centers, including nonprofit associations. Candid community partners are strengthening the local nonprofit sector and helping their communities. 

At Candid community locations, individuals can access a directory of area nonprofits that provide essential support—such as food pantries or shelters—or look for scholarship opportunities. They also can also seek out nonprofits to volunteer for or collaborate with.  Nonprofit staff can get assistance finding funders, access professional development courses like “Introduction to fundraising planning,” or download sample documents. In other words, our tools, trainings, and educational resources enable nonprofits, funders, and the public to make better-informed, data-based decisions.  

Expanding Candid’s network of nonprofit support 

With the aim of scaling our support of local nonprofit communities, we revamped our Candid community partnership program in the spring of 2023. As a result, many library systems have been able to expand their Candid community locations beyond a single branch to all sites across their systems. Cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Miami now offer access to Candid’s suite of tools at every municipal library. The state library systems of Hawaii and Iowa even took advantage of this opportunity to provide access to Candid resources at every public library in the state.  

For example, the Anne Arundel County Public Library recently extended access to Candid’s grant research tools to all 16 of their locations. “Local nonprofits throughout the county will now have equitable access to a vital resource that can help open doors for new funding opportunities that will support their growth and sustainability,” said county executive Steuart Pittman. 

Another benefit we’ve added is greater access to our most popular trainings at all Candid community locations. We’ve made curricula, facilitation support, and handouts available to all partners and empowered them to provide these in-person learning opportunities in their communities. These educational opportunities encourage more people to come into the space and take advantage of the resources available to them.  

These programmatic shifts in 2023 helped us gain new partners and expand our reach by more than 60% in just eight months—to more than 1,250 locations. More than 60 years after launching this program, we remain committed to helping build local “go-to-resources” for nonprofits and enabling individuals to discover organizations doing meaningful work in their communities.  

We hope you’ll visit one of our Candid Community locations and take advantage of our tools and trainings. Find your local access point here. If you’re interested in learning more about offering Candid’s resources to your community, please visit our website


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