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Unlocking change: Free access to Candid’s nonprofit resources

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Candid’s ongoing commitment is to ensure all nonprofits and their communities have equitable access to Candid’s resources. Our mission is to get you what you need to do good—and that includes free access to the nonprofit resources, insights, and tools listed below. 

Free nonprofit educational resources

Most nonprofit leaders hold deep expertise in their organization’s focus area, but not everyone working in the social sector arrives equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to fundraise effectively. Even the most seasoned fundraisers need to stay abreast of the latest trends in the sector and can benefit from data and tools to help them find funding.  

We also know that most nonprofits don’t have funds available to divert from their programs and services to further invest in fundraising. That’s why we freely share our expertise with the sector through a variety of channels:  

  • Live and on-demand trainings: Learn about a range of topics from starting a nonprofit to proposal writing, management, governance, sustainability, and transparency. 
  • Online librarian consultations: Receive real-time, personalized assistance from our in-house experts on philanthropy, nonprofit management, and fundraising. 
  • Audiobook and e-book library: Access thousands of fundraising- and nonprofit-related e-books and audiobooks, expertly curated by Candid’s librarians.  
  • Nonprofit knowledge base: Browse through short, actionable articles that address immediate questions on key nonprofit concepts and topics. 
  • Industry newsletters: Stay informed about the ever-changing philanthropic landscape through updates from Philanthropy News Digest, Issue Lab, and Candid.  

Free fundraising resources

Finding your most likely funders can be challenging, especially when only ~10% of U.S. foundations have websites. Candid bridges this gap by providing free access to up-to-date, in-depth information to help nonprofits find grants.  

  • Foundation Directory: Nonprofits with annual revenue or expenses under $1 million that earn Candid’s Gold Seal of Transparency are eligible for free access to our prospect research tool through the Gold for Gold program. 
  • Daily RFP alerts: Receive automatic updates on grantmakers issuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) related to your nonprofit’s area of expertise. 
  • Sample documents and reference materials: Gain inspiration from a collection of sample grant proposals, letters of inquiry, project budgets, and other documents for making your case to funders.  

Free nonprofit resources to boost visibility and attract funding

Millions of donors, individual and institutional, visit Candid’s GuideStar to research nonprofits to support and to help guide their giving decisions. It’s free for nonprofits to update their profile and earn a Seal of Transparency. Candid’s profiles power over 200 charitable sites, such as Facebook and donor-advised funds. Updating your profile ensures these partners have access to accurate information. Earning a Seal of Transparency also unlocks benefits, such as:  

  • Shareable full profile link: Give funders unlimited access to your Candid nonprofit profile with this unique link that can be used in emails, on social media, or other in fundraising appeals.   
  • Apple Pay for donations: Earn a Bronze Seal to unlock donations with Apple Pay through donation platforms.  

Resources for the broader nonprofit community

To make sure we’re providing trusted information where it’s needed most, we offer our tools at no cost at hundreds of locations across the country. Candid community access points at over 1,000 libraries and nonprofit resource centers provide free access to tools and educational programs, including: 

  • Candid’s GuideStar: Patrons can use GuideStar to find nonprofits to support, as a volunteer or donor. They can also find local nonprofits that provide crucial resources in their area, like shelters and food banks. 
  • Candid’s Foundation Directory: Local nonprofits can use Foundation Directory Professional—for free—to conduct prospect research for funding. 
  • Grants to Individuals: Students can use this resource to find grants intended to reduce student debt.  

We strive to empower nonprofits and donors with free, accessible resources—from live trainings and social sector job listings to donor insights and opportunities to increase visibility with supporters. Get started today to explore Candid’s wealth of free nonprofit resources. 


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  • Finacus Solutions says:

    April 23, 2024 9:08 am

    Thank you for providing Candid's free fundraising resources and tools. Your support empowers nonprofits to thrive and make an impact.

  • Kate, Digital Communications Manager, Candid says:

    February 1, 2024 12:10 pm

    If you are looking for free access to Foundation Directory's website there are two options: 1) you can find a Candid community location near you via or 2) if you work at a nonprofit that has under $1 million in revenue, you can qualify for the Go for the Gold program and get one year of Foundation Directory Essentials for free.

  • Sally M Spooner says:

    February 1, 2024 8:52 am

    How do I get access to Candid's foundation directory. I have been a Guidestar user for quite a few years and am new to Candid. Thanks for your help. Sally Spooner, Taunton River Watershed Alliance, Inc.