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Win Funding Faster by Earning a Seal of Transparency in 3 Simple Steps

  • April 16, 2020

Increasing the levels of trust and communication between nonprofits and prospective grantmakers is crucial to securing the funding you need to carry out your workEarning your Seal of Transparency on your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile is a key step in that process. 

Read on to learn more about Seals of Transparency and how you can claim your first Seal in three easy steps! 

What are Seals of Transparency? 

Seals of Transparency are free, tangible ways to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to transparency and build confidence among potential supporters. 

A Seal of Transparency appears on an organization’s Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar when the organization has publicly shared important information about its work. 


How do I earn my first Seal of Transparency? 


1. Claim Your Nonprofit Profile 

In 5 minutes, you can claim your organization’s Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar – or create one if needed. It’s one of the easiest ways to grow your digital footprint and increase your access to hundreds of funders as a nonprofit.  

You can get started here. 

If you’ve already claimed your profile, head to step two! 


2. Update Your Nonprofit Profile 

Now that you’ve created a profile for your organization, update it with basic information (including your logo, mission statement, and program areas) to earn a Bronze Seal – it only takes 15 minutes. 

Adding additional information to your profile, including your organization’s financial statements, goals, and strategies will help you earn Silver, Gold, and Platinum Seals!  


3. Promote Your Seal 

Use your Seal like a badge of honor!  

Funders refer to a nonprofit’s Seal of Transparency to validate their organization before distributing grants. Promoting your Seal provides prospective funders with added reassurance that your organization is legitimate and transparent. 

Download your Seal of Transparency outreach toolkit to display your Seal on your organization’s website, social media channels, and more. 


To learn more about Seal levels and what is required to earn them, view Introducing our 2020 Seals of Transparency on the GuideStar blog. 

By Eva Nico, Senior Director at Candid. 


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