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Tips for telling your story online

So many things are competing for your supporters’ (and potential supporters’) attention, from the latest meme to their endless email queue—how can you capture their interest amidst all that noise? The answer: tell an engaging story. But how exactly do you craft a story, and digital storytelling strategy, particularly when you’re telling your story online, that will draw new supporters’ interest and spur your followers to act? In the video below, find four tips to do just that.

For more guidance on how to craft your story and build your digital storytelling strategy, check out Digital Storytelling: How to Engage and Activate Your Supporters Online, an eLearning course I created with Candid. In this two-part course you’ll learn how to use a simple storytelling framework and decision science to enhance the clarity of your organization’s digital communications. After you have crafted an effective story, you will learn how to implement a strategic approach to communications with your audiences, using templates, case studies, and communications best practices. Within your strategy, you will select the social media channels in your organization’s digital storytelling ecosystem to inspire audiences to engage with your content (with an emphasis on videos and images), and to persuade them to support your organization by amplifying your content, donating to your campaigns, or even fundraising on your behalf.



Well, first and foremost, it’s important to have clarity around who the supporters you’re trying to activate. Right? So in also understanding how they think. So it requires a bit of research to do so.

Next it’s really understanding how to properly develop your story so it has the problem, the solution, the impact and the ask, right? So those are very four key elements to telling a compelling story that really can get people to act. And knowing that online video is actually going to be one of the most important ways for you to be able to get that story out there. In fact, it’s been noted that over almost 60% of people will support an organization after watching a video. I mean, so it’s pretty, very important part of what an organization uses to tell a story.

Then finally, it’s important to have a game plan. You know, you want to be able to stack everything in your favor and so having a game plan that’s structured that really makes sense will increase the likelihood for successful sharing of that story.


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    April 11, 2022 8:56 am

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