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A guide to creating a free website for your nonprofit

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Building a website for a nonprofit organization doesn’t need to be heavy on the pocket. Rather, here is the good news. Did you know that you can build and host a website for your nonprofit for free? Are you aware of the several platforms that can help you build smart and engaging websites easily?

If you’re looking for such an amazing bait, this guide is for you. After you read this, you’ll know about the platforms available to build your website and will have a complete idea about the features and advantages of the platforms. This will help you choose the right one. I’ll also tell you all you need to know to choose from the best builders to get a free website for your nonprofit

Creating a free website

Questions like how to start a nonprofit website or where will the money come from are now obscure. You can now live your dream of a successful nonprofit venture with an online presence in no time. Platforms such as Wix, Weebly, and more can help you achieve your goal.

Moreover, these nonprofit website building platforms not only allow you to build websites for free but are also quite easy to use. You need to know the step by step method to get to your goal, and that’s it.

Choose the right platform to build your free website

While a few platforms require that you have knowledge of coding to build the website, many don’t. A few of them offer easy to use interfaces, and only a few are quite complicated to use. Here are a few nonprofit website builders that you can choose from, along with their features and advantages.


Screenshot of WordPress website WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to build free websites. It allows 100% customization of your website design whenever required. It offers professional and classy templates and an easy to use interface. Plus, it helps you develop search engine friendly websites. These features are exactly what you need for your nonprofit venture.

With WordPress, you can have a wide banner on the homepage that can immediately make your venture and intentions clear for your audience. You can add a newsletter sign up button on the homepage and make it easy for yourself to build a sustainable and long-lasting relationship with the audience, etc. A press coverage section and an interactive map that help your audience find your office and events easily can be added to your website.

WordPress also allows you to add call to action buttons to your website. This helps you to have dedicated donation, subscription, and membership pages on your website too. These features are beneficial and are sure to make your website effective.


screenshot of Wix website Wix is well-known for its user-friendly interface and easy to preview website features. The easy to use interface helps you navigate through the platform with much ease. The drag and drop options for visual building eliminate the need for any coding knowledge. You can also preview the website without any hassle. The way you design the website is the way it turns out to be without any glitch. That’s Wix for you! 

A plethora of pre-made templates available on Wix further help you choose the best for your website. Also, the templates provided by Wix are very professional and help your website to stand out.

Moreover, you must make your website look as good on smartphones as it looks on PCs. With Wix’s mobile responsive templates, you can. It also offers unmatched SEO features that can help you optimize your website on search engines for enhanced visibility.

Wix also helps you add donate, email sign up, and social media buttons to the website. This helps your audience donate and stay in touch with you at all times. 


screenshot of Weebly's website Weebly is a common choice for people building websites for nonprofit ventures. This platform allows you to build free websites with easy to use drag and drop options and appealing templates.

You especially need to use Weebly to build your website for your nonprofit if you plan to raise funds. It has unrivalled e-commerce features that can help you sell items with your nonprofit’s branding.

Wix offers free forms that can streamline your lead generation process and help you reach out to potential donors, volunteers, and loyal supporters to seek help.


screenshot of Webnode's website Webnode is extremely user-friendly and allows you to build a website within minutes via its robust editor. The predesigned pages ease the process of adding multiple pages to your website, which will save you valuable time.

Webnode allows you to select a new domain (free for 1 year) or connect your existing domain to the website. You can have professional email IDs on your domain on Webnode, which helps you build trust among your audience. 

This platform empowers you to add donation buttons and set your mailbox with Outlook, Google Suite, etc. helping you look more professional.


screenshot of SITE123's website SITE123 is one of the most highly recommended platforms to build nonprofit websites.

It offers templates, especially for nonprofit sites. The templates are responsive, mobile-friendly, and boost your SEO efforts. It offers an easy to use, self-explanatory dashboard. It allows you to add call-to-action (CTA) buttons and streamlines the process of donating as you can add a button to accept payments, integrated with PayPal. On SITE123, you can build many websites from one single account. It empowers you to build different websites for different causes.

Which platform do you want to choose?  If you’re sure of the core functionality you wish to achieve, go for Wix. The availability of superb responsive themes relevant for nonprofit websites, user friendly interface, and pretty much everything you need to manage the website make Wix a great choice. 

However, if you expect your nonprofit venture to expand, and hence, need to add loads of customizations to your website, WordPress is a better choice because of the availability of hundreds of plugins and add-ons for it. 


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  • Lisa says:

    September 24, 2023 10:02 am

    Weebly has been acquired by Square and is pretty much unusable unless you just want to update an existing site.
    Wix is annoyingly cumbersome to edit.
    I'm still looking for an easy to use free web host with a simple site builder. It's hard to find either up-to-date information or information that isn't written to drive traffic to a paid service.

  • Mairilemang Zeliang says:

    March 16, 2023 2:43 am

    Thanks for helping,I'm looking forward to help comlete this free web for my NGO.Im in need of fund rising.