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4 key tips to help your nonprofit best navigate the new normal

Screenshot from an online meeting. On the left is a smiling Black businessman. On the right is a smiling White woman.

“4 key tips to help your nonprofit best navigate the new normal” is reprinted from Eye on FDO.

COVID-19 has presented many unforeseen challenges and changes for even the most experienced grantseekers. The global pandemic has affected the way nonprofits communicate, conduct prospect research, and seek much needed grant funding.

As your nonprofit works to create a new normal during the COVID-19 era, here are four key tips to help your organization succeed:

1. Check on your funders and partners

Funders are not immune to the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Add a human element to your outreach by proactively reaching out to funders and partners to see how they are faring and if they’ve adopted new policies (i.e., deadline changes, special funds, different requirements, expedited procedures, etc.)

2. Foster your current relationships

Focus on nurturing the relationships you have with current donors to secure any expected funding. If you have a pending committed payment, kindly ask if they’d be willing and able to make the payment early to help boost your work. If possible, arrange to receive funds electronically (faster) versus paper checks (slower).

3. Recommunicate your value

Has your organization’s work become increasingly more important in light of the current health and economic crisis? Communicate that value to funders to show them how your work is serving community and helping them meet their missions. Remind them that their support has never been more vital.

4. Manage your expectations around prospecting

Prospecting to find the right funders is now more important than ever. However, keep in mind that many funders are struggling to make sure that they keep commitments and shore up needed resources for current grantees. If possible, show how you can leverage your work to help them meet their goals and priorities.

Closing thoughts

The pandemic has caused the entire sector to pause and reevaluate how to move forward and come back better and stronger. As we work to regain a sense of normalcy, we must also acknowledge the effect COVID-19 will have for years to come. By following these tips, and abiding by all local government safety rules and regulations, you can help put your nonprofit in the right position to succeed and weather the pandemic.


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