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How to segment nonprofit donors: identity vs. identification

There are lots of aspects to a donor’s identity; not all are equally important to them. Well, duh, you may say. But this matters more than you may know. Because if you don’t really understand the difference between identity and identification you may be…

By Claire Axelrad

October 16, 2020

Today I become an advocate of community-centered fundraising

At the beginning of my career, I learned fundraising from Hank Rosso, founder of The Fundraising School and author of Achieving Excellence in Fundraising. Hank taught that “fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” I also…

By Claire Axelrad

July 20, 2020

Supercharge nonprofit coronavirus fundraising with 4 easy steps

In part 1 of this article, we discussed why you need a plan to serve as a roadmap for all your coronavirus fundraising communications and appeals. Today we’ll cover specifics of how to develop and execute your 4-step coronavirus nonprofit…

By Claire Axelrad

April 27, 2020

Supercharge nonprofit coronavirus fundraising with an articulated plan

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” —George Harrison, “Any Road,” paraphrasing Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Always, always, always begin with a plan. Hopefully, you already know this. Throwing spaghetti against a wall…

By Claire Axelrad

April 20, 2020