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Three simple ways for funders to make their rural work authentic

I have been there. The visit from the big city or national funder. The awkward conversations with the visitors that want to get the best shrimp and grits or crawfish. And the never-ending sense that you are selling something that,…

By Allen Smart (he/him)

August 26, 2021

Why playgrounds matter in rural America: insights for rural donors and funders

The neighborhood playground is a critical asset that helps make communities resilient places where kids can thrive and residents can connect. But in many rural communities across the country, factors like physical distance, countywide recreation policies, and the lack of…

By Allen Smart (he/him) and Lysa Ratliff

October 1, 2020

Eight Ways Funders Can Engage in Rural Philanthropy

Rural America is home to significant political capital and influence that can add considerable muscle to national policy and advocacy efforts, and funders need to engage in Rural Philanthropy.

By Betsey Russell (she/her) and Allen Smart (he/him)

December 5, 2018