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Let’s All Pull Together: Reflections from Harambee 2023

In this blog, Candid’s Adia Colar reflects on her recent experience attending ABFE’s 2023 Harambee Conference.

By Adia Colar (she/her)

May 23, 2023

5 things to know about philanthropy to HBCUs

Discover five key insights about funding disparities in philanthropy to HBCUs based on Candid and ABFE’s new research report.

By Adia Colar (she/her) and Grace Sato (she/her)

May 9, 2023

Are corporations making good on their racial equity pledges?

Based on our analysis, the answer is, it's (currently) impossible to know—but it’s important to get right. Last summer, the murder of George Floyd and the global racial justice movement brought issues of racial inequity and injustice to the forefront. Candid has been tracking the…

By Anna Koob (she/her) and Adia Colar (she/her)

July 1, 2021