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Predictions for the future of social sector data

Hear from today’s thought leaders about the evolving nature of philanthropic data and see what they predict for the future of social sector data.

By Chantal Forster, Shahar Brukner (he/him), Ann Mei Chang (she/they), Elizabeth Kane (she/her), and Woodrow Rosenbaum (he/him)

January 5, 2023

We’re 39 percent similar; how can we be exponentially better?

Self-examination was the zeitgeist of philanthropy in 2021. We reflected. We adapted. We listened to the "rising voices of the people we serve" as a foundation staffer framed it recently. At times those voices were passionately personal, at others they…

By Chantal Forster

November 17, 2021

As foundations reimagine themselves, they should give attention to DEI in operations

Not every foundation has shifted toward a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), but fortunately, many have. That said, there seems to be a glaring miss amidst all this DEI work, and that is with who gets to participate…

By Satonya Fair (she/her) and Chantal Forster

January 22, 2020