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Anatomy of a successful capital campaign committee meeting

What makes a successful, productive capital campaign committee meeting? Explore the essential elements and tips for hosting better meetings with this crash course.

By Amy Eisenstein (she/her) and Andrea Kihlstedt (she/her)

January 10, 2023

Q&A: Do capital campaigns make sense in a time of crisis?

Nonprofits have overcome some serious challenges over the past year. The cancellation of events and the need to abruptly pivot their fundraising strategies and messaging have certainly been struggles, but, by and large, we’ve seen some amazing resilience across the…

By Amy Eisenstein (she/her) and Andrea Kihlstedt (she/her)

May 20, 2021

8 steps for successful fundraising during the coronavirus crisis

Reprinted from Amy Eisenstein’s blog. Coronavirus is spreading. The economy is declining. And there’s continued political turmoil. Any one of these three issues could be viewed as a recipe for disaster in terms of your fundraising. And here we are…

By Amy Eisenstein (she/her)

March 20, 2020