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What’s new at Candid (March 2020)

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From the work we do at Candid, I’ve gained a better appreciation for how connected and small the world really is. At our trainings, there are always attendees who are shocked and delighted to see a friendly face that they knew in a different context. In our research, we learn about connections between various funders and organizations that you don’t read about in the headlines but which make total sense. And at conferences, it is energizing to see how solutions implemented in one place are being productively copied in others. Like many of you, I’ve been following with interest news coverage on the global spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and was glad that my colleague Andrew shared some insights about philanthropy’s response. As you reflect on the effect a pandemic can have on your communities, your gatherings, and your staff, we’re committed to getting you the information you need to do good. And, without further ado, here is what’s new at Candid:

Three men and two women from Candid's NYC office celebrate Candid's first anniversary with cupcakes and signs.Highlights

  • We published four blog posts in honor of Candid’s first anniversary last month: “Inside Candid’s first year: the executive team,” “Inside Candid’s first year: staff musings,” “Inside Candid’s first year: defining our values,” and “Celebrating Candid’s first year with our social media followers.” Stay tuned for our first-ever annual report, coming soon.
  • Three men and five women from Candid's D.C. office celebrate Candid's first anniversary with cupcakes and a balloon.On February 18, we published a new GrantCraft case study as part of the Investing in Native Communities portal. It captures the Calgary Foundation’s journey to shift the organization’s culture from within in order to facilitate deep change and partnerships with Indigenous communities in Calgary.
  • In partnership with East Africa Philanthropy Network, we launched Philanthropy in East Africa on February 19. This in-depth website illuminates the philanthropic community in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. It features research, the latest available funding data, insights, history, and other resources; centralizes information and helps users connect to the philanthropic community in East Africa; highlights future trends, strategies, and initiatives; and provides avenues for people and organizations to work together on the causes in East Africa that matter to them most.
  • Eleven women and eight men in Candid's Williamsburg, Va., office celebrate Candid's first anniversary with cupcakes and Candid swag decorations.Candid staff visited Training Funding Information Network (FIN) partners in Lorain, Ohio, and Macon, Georgia, last month. Training FINs are certified to provide access to Candid funding data and deliver skill-building workshops to nonprofits on our behalf. To date, 18 FIN partners have qualified as Training FINs. Find a FIN near you, or learn how your organization can become a network partner.
  • We’ve added data on more than 85,000 Canadian foundations and nonprofits, plus information on their FY 2017 and 2018 grantmaking, to Foundation Maps. This data will soon be available in Foundation Directory Online (FDO).
  • As part of ongoing enhancements to FDO, we’ve improved our search by organization functionality. It’s easier now. Hope you like it!

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Two men and four women from Candid's Oakland office celebrate Candid's first anniversary with cupcakes.


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