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What's new at Candid (December 2019)

By Jen Bokoff
December 4, 2019

Jacob Harold and Kim Patton pose in an Instagram frame at an event hosted by Candid's D.C. office in October 2019.
Candid’s Jacob Harold and Kim Patton celebrating the future of Candid in October.

I can’t believe that #GivingTuesday has already come and gone. In fact, this year has come and gone. But mission-driven work happens 365 days a year, and we are here to support it! As you’ll see below, we’ve been as busy as ever.

And, as we’re settling into our new Candid identity, my goal is to keep bringing you the latest Candid updates clearly and directly through this and other posts. You’ll notice this post has evolved from last month’s, and I’ll continue to iterate based on your feedback and needs. Let me know in the comments below how we can communicate with you better.  


  • Candid offered our first trainings as an affiliate of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy November 22. We’ve partnered with the Institute to build out our offerings on individual giving. There’s still time to attend 8 Steps for Cultivating Relationships with Individual Donors this month. 
  • On November 20, Candid and the Peace and Security Funder’s Group released new findings from the Peace and Security Funding Index. In addition, the two organizations also released the first-ever Foundation Maps for peace and security.
  • In November, Pima County Public Library, a Candid Funding Information Network partner in Tucson, Arizona, hosted a “Grants Open Lab,” designed to help members of the public research private grantmakers in Foundation Directory Online and the Arizona Guide to Grants databases. Library staff shared hints and tips on how to maximize search results.
  • Candid staff in our Washington, D.C., office hosted “Celebrate the Future of Candid” in October with remarks from Kim Patton, director of Candid Northeast, and Jacob Harold, executive vice president of Candid. (That’s Jacob and Kim in the photo at the top of this post.)
  • Candid staff in New York kicked off Arts Month in October by hosting esteemed arts professionals who shared how their organizations may be able to help people find the opportunities they seek or apply for the funding they need to sustain their life’s work. Presenters included Madeleine Cutrona, New York Foundation for the Arts; Gwen Pier, National Sculpture Society;  Ann-Marie Albrechtson, Princess Grace Foundation; and Kristal Pacific, OPERA America.
  • Candid’s Nonprofit Start-Up and Operations Series: Mission, Vision, and Logic Modeling kicked off in Atlanta. This event is part of a series that will help participants solidify a legal nonprofit organization, assist with identifying a target demographic, draft a concise mission and vision, and create a strategy for board development and fundraising.
  • In October, Candid staff in Oakland, California, hosted “Weaving Successful Partnerships: How Funders, Intermediaries, and Evaluators Can Collaborate for Change.” In the session, panelists explored how funder-intermediary-evaluator partnerships—an arrangement that is becoming more common in the social sector—can introduce ways of working that lead to improved learning and impact. Panelists included Meg Long, Equal Measure; Clare Nolan, Engage R+D; Elizabeth Gonzalez, College Futures Foundation; and Joel Vargas, Jobs for the Future.
  • Candid staff in Atlanta held pop-up reference hours at the Ponce De Leon Library. Find more pop-up hours across the country.
  • Indianapolis Public Library, a Candid Funding Information Network partner, hosted a free, public class on program development in October. Grants to the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation from the Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund and the Emily Fund made the class possible.

Find more projects that we have been working on.

Thought leadership highlights

  • On November 14, our executive vice president, Jacob Harold, gave a spark talk about Candid at Upswell in Chicago. He described where we came from, what we’re up to, and where we’re going. We were particularly gratified by the great questions the audience asked. Watch the video.
  • Also on November 14, vice president of knowledge services Larry McGill spoke at the Southeastern Council of Foundation’s 50th annual meeting in Atlanta. He presented key findings from Candid data about the organization’s history. We’ll blog about this more in depth soon!
  • On October 5, David Holmes, lead for the Candid Midwest team, spoke at the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits Conference, an annual gathering focused on sharing best practices and building program capacity to strengthen the effectiveness of services and the sustainability of community-based organizations that assist individuals to secure and maintain employment.
  • And on November 19, I gave a lightning talk at the Technology Affinity Group conference about the growth opportunities, challenges, and approaches you can take in times of change. To quote myself: “We all get put in these positions at different times where we have to respond to a change that’s bigger than us. One where the change is already happening, and we have to adapt and support. Even more, we want to feel energy in the vision, and we don’t want to be on the outside looking in. Personally, I was, and still am, really stoked about the promise of Candid. We’re positioned to democratize knowledge and influence the field to work smarter. And we’re going to get there. But in the short term, during those times of change, the only constant you fully can control is YOU.”

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Candid in the news

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