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Welcome to the Candid Blog

By Jen Bokoff & Suzanne Coffman
September 10, 2019

Today is a big day for Candid: the new is live! It features resources, data, news, and learning opportunities from the range of Candid’s programs and services. It’s also a significant milestone in our transition from two organizations that joined forces to a single nonprofit. (For those who came in late: Foundation Center and GuideStar combined operations in February 2019 to form a new nonprofit, Candid.)

As part of this evolution, we’ve retired the GuideStar Blog—we published its last post yesterday—and replaced it with the blog you’re reading now.

So welcome to the first post of the Candid Blog!

Meet your editors

We’re Suzanne Coffman and Jen Bokoff, Candid’s editorial director and director of stakeholder engagement, respectively. Together, we’re eager to make sure our communications vehicles are getting you what you need, when you need it. Suzanne comes from the former GuideStar team, where she’s focused on grantseeking organizations of all sizes. Her overall goal for the blog is to help nonprofit leaders and volunteers do their jobs more effectively. Jen comes from the former Foundation Center team, where she’s focused on how funders can fund smarter. She likes provoking new ways of thinking and challenging the norms for how the social sector works. (And, what really is the social sector?!)

What you can expect from the Candid Blog

Like Candid itself, the Candid Blog seeks to get you the information you need to do good. Of course, who you are determines the information you’ll find most helpful. Our readers are a varied group, ranging in roles, geography, needs, identities, and experiences, so we’ll be posting on a range of topics. We’ll be experimenting to find the right mix.

We’re also going to try to make the blog more interactive. Which leads us to a question: what kind of content would you like to see in the Candid Blog? Select as many options as you wish.

What kind of content would you like to see in the Candid Blog?

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Thank you for reading Candid Blog Post 1! We’re excited to start this journey with you.

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