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View Open RFPs Related to Your Search Results

  • November 11, 2020

FDO’s newest feature helps you save time during your prospect research. Now, you can access open RFPs related to your mission all throughout FDO based on your search results.

Save time by easily discovering open opportunities sooner. The time you save can be put towards  building robust prospect lists and forging connections with key decision makers!

To see the new feature in action, simply conduct a search using FDO’s global search bar. You’ll begin to see these RFPs in:

  1. Search results
  2. Grantmaker profiles
Open RFPs count in Grantmaker Search Results
Open RFPs on a Grantmaker Profile

Reminder! Expert fundraisers know that funding success stems from robust prospecting strategies, not just searches for RFPs. In addition to reviewing open RFPs, leverage FDO’s 18 million+ grants and 230,000+ grantmaker profiles to develop a list of well-matched funders who are ready to support your work!

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