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University of Oregon receives $500 million for Knight Campus

July 9, 2021

A gloved hand holding a DNA chip

The University of Oregon has announced a second $500 million gift from Penny and Phil Knight in support of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact.

The Knight Campus enrolls students who are pursuing master's degrees specializing in areas of materials science, bioinformatics, and genomics, with an emphasis on hands-on training. The gift will launch the next phase for the campus and includes support for construction of a 175,000-square-foot bioengineering and applied science research building with core research facilities and flexible lab spaces. The gift also will create an endowment to provide funding for additional faculty in bioengineering, regenerative medicine, biomedical data science, and other applied interdisciplinary sciences; academic and innovation programming; and support for operations.

Launched in 2016 with a $500 million gift from the Knights, the campus has already established numerous innovations, including high-resolution 3D printing methods, sensors that allow doctors to monitor the progress of bone regeneration in trauma patients, and new methods of designing proteins to treat disease and synthesizing genes to fight disease.

"The combination of engineering, science, business, and medicine is where the magic happens, and that's what we are already witnessing at the Knight Campus," said Robert Guldberg, vice president and Robert and Leona DeArmond Executive Director of the Knight Campus. "This gift allows us to achieve our larger vision in a very compressed timeline. What would take other institutions decades to achieve is happening here in just a matter of years."

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