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Topping the charts in 2022: The 10 most-read Candid blogs 

Top 10 blogs of 2022

Every year, Spotify releases Spotify Wrapped—a year-end roundup of the top music that its tunes-loving audience listened to that year. It’s a fun and popular way for folks to rediscover and reconnect with their favorite tracks from 2022.  As we prepare to ring in the New Year, we wanted to bring you a taste of our own flavor of Spotify Wrapped by revisiting and reflecting on the top 10 most-read Candid blogs from 2022: 

1. The overhead myth: crash course to fundraising transparency by Jacob Spencer of Donately 

Topping the charts of most-read Candid blogs of 2022: the overhead myth. In this blog, Jacob explains where the overhead myth comes from, what it is, and why it can be damaging for nonprofits and their ability to achieve impact. He also urges nonprofits and funders alike to strive for greater funding transparency and to engage in trust-based philanthropy.  
For a quick visual explanation of the overhead myth, check out this 2022 fan-favorite video from Candid’s Instagram. 

2. Five fundraising trends to capitalize on in 2022 by Elizabeth McDonough of 

In this blog from January 2022, Elizabeth predicts and discusses five key fundraising trends in 2022. This includes an increase in flexible giving options like digital wallets, a continued reliance on technology-driven, hybrid events, and a rise in employee communities helping funders discover new causes to support. Read her blog to see if these trend predictions came true. 

3. Words to avoid–the 2022 edition by Ryan Gerhardt of Big Duck 

If you’re looking to brush up on language that may be better left unsaid, Ryan provides a list of words, along with thoughtful explanations, for the top things you may want to think twice before saying in 2022 and beyond. Here are just a few phrases, words, and acronyms he suggests avoiding: “Does that make sense?”, “devasted”, and “differently-abled.”  

4. An open grant report to MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett by Ann Mei Chang of Candid 

If you’re wondering what trust-based philanthropy looks like in practice, revisit this blog by Candid’s CEO, Ann Mei. It openly describes how Candid will use MacKenzie Scott’s generous grant to invest in innovation programs, take care of Candid’s employees, and build an integrated product suite that streamlines data access and unleashes future expansion. 

5. The data/crisis catch-22: How the pandemic created a social sector data gap by Cathleen Clerkin and Anna Koob of Candid 

Speaking of data, Cathleen and Anna discuss how the pandemic has contributed to a nearly three-year time lag in release of IRS Form 990s. They also delve into how Candid is working to fill this void to help ensure our sector can access real-time and accurate data. Bonus: learn how you can get involved to be part of the solution to this data/crisis catch-22. 

6. Candid Seal of Transparency holders can now enable Apple Pay to accept donations by Ally Ray of Candid 

The topic of flexible giving options makes a second appearance in our sixth most-read Candid blog from 2022. In this piece, Ally highlights how 501(c)(3) nonprofits that earn a Candid Seal of Transparency may be eligible to enable and accept donations using Apple Pay–providing donors with an additional easy and secure option to give back. 

7. Cracking into corporate giving by Melissa Pulis of Candid 

If tapping into more corporate funding and support is one of your New Year’s resolutions, this blog is for you. In it, Melissa provides an overview of the types of corporate support you can seek out. She also outlines how to identify and approach new corporate funding sources and partners to support your work. 

8. Digging in: who donates to the nonprofits you care about? by Melissa Pulis of Candid 

Speaking of identifying people and organizations that care about your cause, this blog addresses a topic on many nonprofit professionals’ minds. Melissa describes the opportunities and challenges in finding new individual donors and foundation support. She also shares tools and tips to help you find the funders best aligned with your mission. 

9. Does your nonprofit mission statement drive donations? by Sarah Willey 

To help answer this question, Sarah shares her research using data from Candid. This blog explores the relationship between your mission statement and potential fundraising success. Sarah expands on her studies’ findings and provides key factors to consider when crafting a nonprofit mission statement that drives donations. 

10. Engage, request, repeat: The proven formula for retaining donors by Jay Love of Bloomerang 

Securing the final most-read spot of Candid blogs in 2022, Jay addresses why it pays to retain your donors. He shares his proven formula for success: engage, request, and repeat. Jay also breaks down each part of his donor-retention equation by providing helpful tips for putting his strategies into practice. 

Our mission is to get you the information you need to good, and our Candid blogs aim to fulfill on this promise by providing you–our amazing readers–with the expert guidance, data-driven insights, inspiring stories, and influential trends to support your work.  
As we look towards the New Year, we invite you to share your thoughts and comments below on the topics that you’d like to see us cover in 2023.  


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