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Seven tips on running Instagram fundraisers

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Want to fundraise on Instagram? You can! Regardless of your cause, attracting and retaining donors can be challenging, especially on a platform like Instagram. In fact, many nonprofits and organizations, nowadays, are running campaigns on the platform to help drive support and raise awareness on various causes.  So, want to get into the spirit of fundraising on Instagram? Then follow these seven simple tips.

Have a plan. “Before you set up a fundraising campaign, you have to create a plan first,” says Emily Nicklin, a project manager at Paper Fellows and Write My Essay. “A campaign plan allows you and your team to help keep all parts of your campaign organized and moving.”

As you create a campaign plan, keep the following objectives in mind:

  • Have a sufficient campaign title.
  • Create an effective campaign hashtag to use across social platforms.
  • Determine the length of your campaign. 
  • Draft content and a schedule.
  • Design a campaign-based landing page.
  • Set and track benchmarks.
  • Determine whom on your team controls each aspect of the campaign.
  • Use social media management tools (i.e. HubSpot or Hootsuite) to schedule posts in advance.

Consider a profile upgrade. While having a personal Instagram account is okay, having a business profile on the platform is recommended. With a business account on Instagram, it gives your organization a professional look. All you have to do is complete a business profile form upon creation, complete all the required materials, and make sure to include a link in your bio to a landing page for your fundraiser.

As you post on your business Instagram, you should be able to direct people to the link in your bio, or a simple shortened link where they can take action on your fundraiser. Remember the “whys” of your campaign, since they tell viewers why your fundraiser exists. These include your profile, visuals, and links.

Have the right tools. In addition, you’ll need the right tools to make your fundraiser a reality. With countless low-cost or free options available for nonprofits to launch their campaigns, having the right fundraiser tools has never been easier. Link your Instagram account to your nonprofit’s Facebook page to use Facebook charitable giving tools, and don’t forget to add an Instagram donate button in your business account and use Instagram donation stickers.

Create Instagram Stories. Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram Stories exist. Stories are one of the best ways to reach and engage with viewers. Although Stories tend to last for 24 hours, it’s important to choose your moments wisely. 

With that said, consider the best times to utilize Instagram Stories: 

  • Upon launch of your fundraising efforts when any in-person or real-time events happen 
  • At the end of your campaign

Plus, you may want to utilize donation stickers, as you create an Instagram Story, since these allow you to have supporters donate to your cause instantly. 

Use relevant hashtags. Catchy, easy-to-share hashtags are essential for your fundraising efforts. Therefore, look to create something effective and relevant for your own fundraising campaign that speaks volumes to your cause.

Plus, keep in mind these common fundraising hashtags: 

  • #Fundraising
  • #Fundraiser
  • #Charity
  • #Instagood
  • #Donate
  • #BetheChange

Just keep in mind to have about 11 hashtags in each post, or else people will see that post as spammy. 

Show milestones. In most cases, people (especially those who donate) will grow curious on how the fundraiser is doing. Therefore, it’s important to display your progress every so often. Make sure that your milestones show off the successes that your fundraiser has made so far.

Here are some ways to share your progress throughout your fundraising campaign:

  • Provide regular updates.
  • Share photos posted from supporters (if available).
  • Publish visuals (provided by you) showing where you are in the fundraiser (i.e. a meter showing the milestones).

Thank people who donate. “It’s important to thank your donors, when fundraising on Instagram,” says Aaron Beaney, a business writer at State of Writing and Essay Roo. “Whether you engage with them on social media, or give them a shoutout in future posts, be sure to thank them for their donations, and make them feel appreciated in the content you put out during your campaign.”

With Instagram, it has never been easier and more relevant to fundraise in today’s world. In fact, fundraising with Instagram will not only help you reach new audiences, but it can also be used for future campaigns. Regardless of your organization’s budget, Instagram is a fundraising bastion that any campaign can get into.


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