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New year, new look. Introducing 2022 Candid Seals of Transparency.

By Kristen Kenner (she/her) & Eva Nico (she/her)
January 18, 2022

Graphic of 2022 Candid Seals of Transparency (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

This year, as part of our commitment to bring greater value to nonprofits, we’re launching Candid Seals of Transparency with a fresh, new look. Seals are a tangible way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to transparency and build confidence among potential supporters.  

Be one of the first organizations to earn a new 2022 Seal of Transparency to display on your Candid nonprofit profile and website.  Nearly 80,000 nonprofits have recognized the value of demonstrating transparency through these Seals. Claim your free Candid nonprofit profile and earn a Seal today to: 

Manage your organization’s online identity: Choose what tens of millions of potential donors see about your nonprofit. 

Get noticed: When you claim your profile and earn a 2022 Seal, Candid sends that fresh information to 200+ charitable sites, including AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good. 

Save time and impress donors: Leverage your profile as the perfect handout to showcase your programs and impact in meetings with funders.   

How to earn a 2022 Seal 

If your organization has a 2021 or older Seal 

  1. Sign in to manage your profile and review all required fields. 
  2. Update or add information as necessary. 
  3. Publish your changes.

That’s it! 

Note: Your Seal will expire automatically after two years if you do not update your information. 

If your organization does not have a Seal 

Claim and update your Candid profile. For more guidance on how to do so, visit our Help Center. Here is what you’ll need to earn a 2022 Seal of Transparency: 


  • Basic information—so your organization can be found 
  • Only five key pieces of information are required: 
    • Contact information 
    • Donation information 
    • Mission 
    • Leader information 
    • New! Grantmaker status: Does your organization make grants or donations? 


  • Programs—a chance to share programs and to build your brand 
  • Only two key elements are required: 
    • Program(s) info: name, brief description, geographic area served 
    • Brand: logo, tagline, website, and social media names/handles—so donors can see your nonprofit’s latest activity 


  • Capabilities—share financials and people info that funders seek 
  • Two key elements are required: 
    • 2020 or 2021 financials 
    • Board chair name and leader demographics 


  • Impact—share goals and the difference you’re making 
  • Only two key elements are required: 
    • Strategy & goals: upload strategic plan or briefly answer two questions 
    • Metrics: share at least one metric from 2021 

Click here to get started and earn your Seal!

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