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Kickstart your grant seeking efforts, identify best matched funders

  • August 3, 2021

Save time and kickstart your grant seeking by knowing which funders are more likely to fund your cause.  

Open RFPs are less than 1% of the funding opportunities. Look to grants information to identify funders who are more likely to support your cause. Detailed grant information, including recipients, descriptions, and types of support, helps you determine which funders are most likely to fund your work, how much to request, and what to highlight in a grant proposal.

This data helps you better understand a foundation and its giving priorities and helps answer questions such as:

  • What kinds of organizations does the foundation give to?
  • How much funding goes to organizations similar to yours?
  • How can you stand out? Which areas of your organization should you highlight and what weaknesses can you pre-emptively address?

Your search criteria in Foundation Directory Online will reveal key funder insights, such as Amount Funded and Grant Count based on your mission. Enabling you to pinpoint funders to prioritize based on how dedicated they are to your cause and how likely they are to support your work. 

Kickstart your grant seeking by using this advice

Foundation Directory Online will help you to quickly find wellmatched funders and gain access to valuable insights to inform your nonprofit’s prospecting strategy. Use Foundation Directory Online to identify your best matched funders and begin making connections that lead to funding for your nonprofit. 

Kickstart your grant seeking efforts today.


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