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IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities Division releases 2021 priorities

Top of IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities 2021 letter

The IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities Division (TE/GE) took a new approach to its annual letter defining priorities for the coming year. The beginning of the TE/GE FY 2021 Program Letter explains that this year’s letter marks an intentional departure from the detailed, static format used previously. Instead, the 2021 letter is “a compact summary of our goals and how we plan to achieve them, in sync with the IRS’s Strategic Priorities.” TE/GE will add updated information online as the year progresses, emphasizing flexibility and high energy entering 2021.

TE/GE lists six key priorities for FY 2021, each corresponding to one of the IRS Strategic Goals.

  1. Strengthen compliance activities to protect the integrity of the tax system
    TE/GE aims to collaborate across IRS on several issues, support tax compliance in the global high wealth arena, and foster voluntary compliance through fraud investment and prosecution.
  1. Improve operational efficiencies
    By reviewing internal systems and processes, they hopes to expand into enterprise case management and advance risk assessment mechanisms.
  1. Maintain a taxpayer-focused organization to empower taxpayers
    TE/GE will advance online tools to assist taxpayers: expanding e-filing efforts, implementing the Taxpayer First Act, and developing online interactive courses.
  1. Ensure awareness and collective understanding to collaborate with partners
    Proactive communication, strategic stakeholder partnerships, and cross functional teams will bolster their intentional outreach and relationship building.
  1. Leverage technology and data analytics
    TE/GE commits to advancing research, data analytics, and digital or robotic processes to identify issues and then make them more efficient and effective.
  1. Develop the TE/GE workforce
    To cultivate its workplace within the IRS and better support its employees, they will encourage information sharing and meaningful resource development.

Additional information and updated priorities will be available online at the new Compliance Program and Priorities webpage. A summary of FY 2020 accomplishments will be released when the data is available.


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