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Five ways to raise fast, unrestricted funds on Facebook

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Nonprofits know that fundraising is incredibly challenging. The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been a force-multiplier of those challenges. The organizations willing to innovate will reap the rewards. This means exploring platforms and tactics that are unfamiliar or that aren’t your personal cup of tea. Digital fundraising continues to grow in importance, and Facebook Fundraisers are a giant piece of that growth. I’m a huge believer that Facebook should be an ongoing funding stream for nonprofits.

Until 2016, fundraising through social media was next to impossible for most nonprofits. Facebook has cracked the code to the tune of billions of dollars.

We all know Facebook has problems. That said, no company or social media site is perfect. But the people you serve have problems too, and you need to raise money to help them. 

In 2016, the social network launched (and continues to improve) a powerful fundraising platform that takes advantage of relationships that exist among your team and your supporters but aren’t reflected in your organization’s database. 

Anyone who uses Facebook, even occasionally, has seen Facebook Fundraisers in their feed. You’ve probably been invited to donate to them for a friend’s birthday. These fundraisers are a powerful way to raise money quickly from new donors and engage new individuals as volunteers and donors. 

I want to strongly encourage you to implement a Facebook Fundraiser strategy. Below, I’ll share just a few tips to get you started, but I offer a mini course packed with resources and expert tips, so you can raise more money in less time.

1. To raise the most money, you need to invite people. It may take a little bit more time, but you should invite every friend on Facebook to your fundraiser. 

Then, use the campaign link/URL to share it with friends on other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and in online forums. People in your network, who aren’t your friends on Facebook, will see it and help. 

You can put the link in your electronic signature and even create an “away message” like you’re on vacation, letting everyone know about your fundraiser while it’s running. 

2. Be the Chief of Enthusiasm and Optimism (CEO) of your campaign. Your campaign messages should be upbeat, positive, and aspirational. Others won’t be excited if you aren’t. Even if you share news of a tragedy, you should try to inspire hope that solutions are possible. Keeping optimistic about your campaign goal is also critical.

3. Remember that people give to people. People don’t necessarily give to causes or organizations. They give because of the person asking. 

The main asset you have in your campaign is that the people raising money for you have personal relationships with their Facebook friends. Peer-to-peer networks are powerful and incredibly effective. 

Each person who wants to fundraise should run their own fundraiser instead of sharing someone else’s. Your friends won’t care as much if you ask them to help “Bob” hit a goal. They will help you reach your goal, so each person raising money should start and run their own fundraiser. Luckily, they are simple to set up. Don’t cut corners. Trust me!

4. Don’t just post text. Use video, pictures, links, and great sound bites linking the point to the mission and ask for money on every post.

5. Post to your fundraiser every day. The main reason people don’t donate to a nonprofit is that they don’t recall being asked. This is why you have to ask frequently. It may feel pushy if you aren’t a trained fundraiser, but your friends will only see some of your solicitations because of how the algorithm works. So, ask, and ask often. 

The Facebook Fundraiser platform is less intrusive to people because they aren’t getting an email with each ask. They are tiny notifications that don’t bother anyone. Trust me, donations typically come within six hours after you post inside your fundraiser (on the URL of the fundraiser—not to your Facebook wall). 

These are just some of the tips that successful Facebook fundraising leaders are using. You can learn more ways to bring in quick money using Facebook by joining me on Thursday, November 4 for Candid’s webinar, “Nine Proven Tips to Raise Unrestricted Money on Facebook.” Register for the webinar.


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