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Celebrating Candid’s first year with our social media followers

Five women wearing black I am Candid T-shirts. Two are holding yellow pieces of paper. The paper on the left says, Be. The paper on the right says, Candid.

Our commemoration of Candid’s first anniversary is drawing to a close. For the last celebratory post in this blog, we wanted to share some of our favorite #CandidAnniversary social media updates.

We featured the photo at the beginning of this post in several places on February 6, 2020, one year to the day after we announced Candid’s formation.

On February 10 we tweeted about the growth of the Nonprofit Profile Update Program during our first year:

Twitter update showing a photo of a woman typing on a laptop. The copy above the image states, Our nonprofit profile program reached new heights in 2019. More than 10,000 nonprofits now have a Platinum Seal of Transparency. Get yours.

The next day, we shared several achievements from our first 12 months:

Tweet by Candid, [1/7] ICYMI: During our first year as Candid we launched a series of tools for exploring funding information for a variety of issue areas. Check out these great tools: #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [2/7] The Investing in Native Communities portal was launched in partnership with @NativeGiving . This site highlights data about who is funding Native communities and causes, where that funding is going, and more. #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [3/7] We partnered with @BeHIPGiveNew to launch a dashboard documenting the landscape of foundation funding in the Latinx Community. #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [4/7] The 2019 Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy report created in partnership with @funds4disaster contains updated data and interactive tools to improve disaster philanthropy. #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [5/7] We launched a report on funding for human rights with @hrfunders . #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [6/7] The latest version of the Peace & Security Funding Index was released in partnership with @PSFundersGroup . #CandidAnniversary
Tweet by Candid, [7/7] Scholarships for Change, an interactive platform to guide funders in the practice of scholarship grantmaking went live. It contains funding data, case studies, and other resources to help funders discover how they can transform the lives of scholars.

We told our LinkedIn and Twitter followers about our Funding Information Network (FIN) partners. This image is from LinkedIn; that’s Candid president Brad Smith speaking to FIN representatives visiting our New York office.

LinkedIn post showing Candid president Brad Smith speaks to a group of Financial Information Network representatives at a meeting held in the Candid NY office in October 2019. Above the images is this statement, #TBT On October 10, 2019, we kicked off Network Days in New York City with over 60+ partners joining us for 2 days of learning! #CandidAnniversary

There are many other updates throughout our channels, but we’ll close with this tweet:

Candid tweet, You have questions, we have answers. Last year you asked 29,404 questions to our online librarians. Keep them coming. #CandidAnniversary

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