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Candid and Charity Navigator partner to collect and share feedback practices

By Eva Nico (she/her)
October 11, 2019

White sheet of paper asking, How would you rate this restroom today? Underneath the question are a green smilely face, a yellow neither good nor bad face, and a red sad face. At the bottom of the page is HOU, the acronym for the William Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas,
Requests for feedback are everywhere.

I was leaving the rest room at the Houston Airport when I saw them. Three emojis with expressions from smiley to increasingly frowny inviting me to rate my experience. That’s when it really hit me. If feedback is following us to the rest room, it’s here to stay.

The challenges of collecting, acting on, and communicating high-quality feedback in the social sector are real. They won’t be solved with emojis. But there is no doubt in my mind that nonprofits and foundations need to share and to advance their feedback practices. Listening and responding to feedback, done right, can be a strong force for increasing equity in the world and getting better results for people.

I am pleased to announce a new opportunity for how we nonprofits can do just that—to share how we’re listening and responding to feedback from the people we seek to serve.

Starting today, we at Candid—a new organization created in February when GuideStar and Foundation Center joined forces—invite nonprofits to fill in a new How We Listen section in their Nonprofit Profiles on GuideStar. This information will also display on Charity Navigator profiles later this fall. (BTW, if your organization usually doesn’t have much information displayed on Charity Navigator, you can add info by earning a 2019 Gold or 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency.) It’s a unique opportunity for nonprofits to expand their profiles on both platforms, share details of their feedback practices, and access resources to improve how they listen and respond to the people they seek to serve.

How We Listen is based on The Core Principles of Constituent Feedback, which describe what it means to listen and respond to feedback well. How We Listen encourages nonprofits to reflect on their feedback practices and take advantage of resources to improve how they listen and respond. It is a starting point to foster effective, equitable, and safe feedback practices.

Candid developed How We Listen in collaboration with feedback experts and leading nonprofit infrastructure platforms, including Charity Navigator, GlobalGiving, Keystone Accountability, 60 Decibels, Bridges Fund Management, Development Gateway, Listen4Good, Outsell Inc., Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. These collaborators were supported by Feedback Labs in this work.

Nonprofits can visit today to claim their Nonprofit Profiles and fill in the Feedback Practices section to demonstrate How We Listen.

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