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16 free nonprofit books for your summer reading list

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Ah, summertime is in the air! It’s the perfect time to relax, get away, and kick back to enjoy some good books from Candid’s free nonprofit eBook collection. Are you worried that a nonprofit-related book will feel like a rain cloud over your summer vibes? Don’t be. We’ve scoured our online library to find you our best quick reads and easy listens that will inspire you and help you recharge.   
Whether you’re reading in a hammock or in between Zoom meetings this summer, we’ve got you covered. Check out our specially curated reading list of 16 free nonprofit books perfect for any summertime occasion: 

If you’re short on time…

Is your calendar booked solid with fun plans between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Have we got some recommendations for you! We have several quick reads that will give your skills a boost—with minimal time and effort: 

If you’d rather listen…

Did you know that Candid’s online library also includes audiobooks? Our eBook collection offers plenty of options to perk up your ears. Here are some of Candid’s fan favorites to listen to during long drives to the beach or walks in the park this summer: 

If you’re in search of inspiration…

There’s something about summer that lifts your spirits and makes you feel like anything is possible. Why not lean into that feeling by reading books that will inspire you to change the world? Check out these selections that promise to spark your imagination:  

If you’re feeling a bit burned out…

Changing the world is hard work. Instead of focusing on professional development, how about investing in some self-care this summer? We’ve created an entire collection of Self-Help & Personal Growth titles to help you recharge and refocus; here are some of our top recommendations: 

Read these free nonprofit books for all-season success

At Candid, we seek to provide you with the information and resources you need to support and further your mission-driven work year-round
To equip yourself for all-season success, we invite you to browse our free, public collection of eBooks and audiobooks on nonprofit leadership, fundraising, operations, and many related topics.   

Happy reading! 

Please visit this knowledge base article, How can I access Candid’s eBook collection?, to help you get started.  
If you have additional questions or want assistance navigating Candid’s educational resources, reach out to our team of online librarians at [email protected] or via chat during business hours.   


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