How to Leverage Your Nonprofit Data to Win Corporate Grants

Data is literally everywhere.  Every search done on Google or every second spent on LinkedIn is collected and converted to data.  According to Internet Live Stats, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second or 3.5 billion searches per…

July 23, 2018

Three Easy Steps To Identify New Funding Prospects  

With so many potential funders out there, grant research can be a daunting task. But with a few simple tricks, grant research can produce amazing results pretty quickly. First off, there is a wealth of information to be found in…

May 17, 2018

Are You Over or Under-Protecting Your Grants Data? 5 Ways to Balance Transparency and Data Protection in Sensitive Contexts

Over the last few months, this blog has presented insights gained from the Advancing Human Rights initiative’s five-year trend analysis. Getting to these insights would not have been possible had not a growing number of funders decided to consistently share more detailed…

By Laia Griñó (she/her)

April 12, 2018

6 Top Tips When Funders Aren’t Accepting Applications

Candid's vice president of Influence, Aleda Gagarin, shares her development expertise to answer the burning question every fundraiser asks themselves: Does the grantmaker accept applications and should I even consider this funder if they don't? What do I do when…

By Aleda Gagarin (she/her)

October 18, 2017

Ten Characteristics of High Performing Nonprofit Organizations

Despite the size of the $1.5 trillion nonprofit sector in the U.S. - nearly 10% of the economy - nonprofits are subject to rather minimal independent professional scrutiny beyond annual audits. Publicly traded companies publish quarterly financial reports, are subject…

February 2, 2017

Find a Fiscal Sponsor that Fits

You've got a brilliant idea for a nonprofit. You've done your research, gathered your team, and even have a lead on some funding. Someone suggests fiscal sponsorship as a smart way to start your project. But what is that? And…

June 6, 2016

Confessions of a Program Officer

At the Hewlett Foundation, every program officer is limited to one eight-year term. Mine ends this week. As I reflect on my time here, I think about those moments of doubt when I wondered if I was doing meaningful work.…

By Dana Schmidt

April 3, 2016

6 Charitable Solicitation Facts to Know Before Applying for a Grant

For many nonprofits, foundation grants represent a significant part of their annual income. The Internet, of course, has made finding grant opportunities easier and has streamlined the grants application process to a degree. As organizations seek grant funds outside their…

By James Gilmer

March 25, 2016

20 Great Techniques for Writing the Perfect Nonprofit Tagline

A pitch-perfect tagline can be the foundation for all messages you create about your organization or program. A tagline is a punchy phrase consistently linked with your organization. It enhances your name by clarifying your work and making it relevant…

February 12, 2016

Dashboards: Nonprofits’ New Best Friend

If you lead or help manage a nonprofit organization, you know how hard it can be to provide clarity and transparency to your stakeholders. Revenue streams are unpredictable, databases can be hard to work with, and money has to be…

By Justin Johnson

December 22, 2015

Funders, thank you for doing these 12 awesome things

Hi everyone, after talking to an ED of color who was on the verge of quitting the field after a horrible and demoralizing experience with a small grant that left her almost in tears, I started writing a post called…

By Vu Le (he/him)

October 1, 2015

Throwing a Fundraising House Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you're looking to raise money for a good cause without the extravagance of a full-on gala, having a house party can be great as a simpler, more intimate alternative. Held in someone's home, usually with no more than 50…

July 8, 2015